Listen to Black Prairie’s Soundtrack for Wild Ones

Black Prarie - Wild Ones

Wild Ones by blackprairie

Since I haven’t read Jon Mooallem’s environmental novel Wild OnesI can only tell you that Black Prairie’s soundtrack is exactly what you would expect from a band that includes four members of The Decemberists. Mooallem, also a writer for NY Times Magazine, asked the band to write the soundtrack for his imaginative wildlife epic, and the result is 27 minutes of folk-infused bluegrass, country barrel whistle-crackin’ melodies, and an homage to the accordion by phenomenally talented fellow Decemberist Jenny Conlee. According to the band’s official website, this the title of the soundtrack (which is digitally available now):

Black Prairie Performs Wild Ones: A Musical Score for the Things That You Might See in Your Head When You Reflect on Certain Characters and Incidents That You Read About In the Book.

You can stream the soundtrack here. Whistle along, because I did…

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