Video: Brandyn Burnette – “Underneath”

Brandyn Burnette’s “Underneath” is an effectively chill effort that recalls James Blake in its initially stark piano-laden beauty and flawless vocal presence, eventually accompanied by twangy guitars and whooshing percussive additions. It’s an atmospheric builder that balances a lush soundscape well with an immediately infectious appeal, a trademark among Burnette’s tracks, like those previously featured here – singles “Karma” and “State I’m In”, in addition to “Inner Child“.

The newly released video for “Underneath” stars Burnette’s little brother Jakob Burnette alongside Pretty Little Liars’ Lindsey Shaw. It was directed by Jesse DeFlorio and Seth Illif. You can check out some behind-the-scenes footage here.

“Karma” found the St. Louis native guiding his powerful and ethereal vocal presence throughout lush guitar lines and bursts of late-night saxophone, courtesy of Emily Anne.  “State I’m In” felt looser and more relaxed, poppier and more falsetto-laden in its stylistic and vocal delivery. Produced by Burnette with the aid of Griffin Fornell (Småland), the track expertly navigated into a sleekly contagious chorus, capped by slick guitar work and exotic-sounding strings that would make Andrew Bird smile.

Onto his newest, “Inner Child” is a rain-accompanied slow-burner that finds Burnette at his most longing – beginning with yearning lyrics and eventual regret (“not a day goes by where you don’t cross my mind.”) Singing about how sensational love can bring out one’s inner child, for better or worse, Burnette’s ardent croon and ardent R&B/soul-pop delivery is hypnotic as usual (the spoken-word segment is powerfully conveyed as well — even touching on hip-hop toward the end). It’s a very short one at just 02:09, but it’s just as powerful as the others – which is saying a lot.

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