Eagle I Stallian – “Poseidon’s Dead” + “Gates of Hades”



Eagle I Stallian’s ongoing transition to electronic music has been a success to date, as evidenced by previously featured tracks “Origin” and “Get It Right“, which rise in intensity throughout and featuring a riveting assortment of dance and dubstep sounds. The project’s newest release, Reckless Gods EP, includes two similarly thunderous singles. Led by “Poseidon’s Dead”, the track maneuvers around “woo!” vocal samples, swelling dubstep-y synth build-ups, and a ceaseless final minute-and-a-half that features a deep hypnotic rhythmic core. The second track, “Gates of Hades”, shows a more lurking darkness in its beginnings, transitioning to a very stab-by variety of intensely evolving synths and percussive clanging. I’m fonder of the first, but both are great additions to the project’s growing electronic catalog.

Mike Mineo

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