Posted October 9, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Retrowave + Synthwave

Don Dellpiero – “Living the Dream”

Swedish Synthwave producer Don Dellpiero just released his fourth full-length album, Time Travel. If you enjoyed the sounds of previously featured track “Journey Through Time and Space” – featuring bright synth arpeggios, a ruminating synth-bass, and a spacey ambiance, inspired by the artist’s childhood memories in the ’80s – then you will absolutely love this new release. All eleven tracks show a convincingly nostalgic, neon-tinged aesthetic that’s easy to get lost in. Among the new releases on the album is “Living the Dream”, where a driving synth-bass and light synth-pop flourishes combine for a spirited effort. The airy synth lead around the mid-way point touts a nifty Italo-disco feel that’s addictive.

Stream the atmospheric album in full below:

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