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Retrowave + Synthwave
Retrowave + Synthwave

Space Lungs – “You Should Never Take Rides From Strangers”

You Should Never Take Rides From Strangers by Space Lungs Brimming with enjoyable melodic and stylistic variation, “You Should Never Take Rides From Strangers” is an enjoyable journey of a track from Space Lungs. A ...
Retrowave + Synthwave

Don Dellpiero – “Living the Dream”

Swedish Synthwave producer Don Dellpiero just released his fourth full-length album, Time Travel. If you enjoyed the sounds of previously featured track “Journey Through Time and Space” – featuring bright synth arpeggios,...

Retrowave + Synthwave

Nightcaller – “Mysterious Skin”

Halcyon Daze, the debut album from NYC-based production duo Nightcaller, is chock-full of atmosphere. Specifically, the project captures an ’80s themed vein of retrowave/synthwave, influenced by acts like Cocteau Twins, P...

DPLV – “Look Back”

DPLV (Deep Love) is the project of Minneapolis-based Jacob Gossel, who has been refining his sound since 2003, when he was 17 and began taking his bedroom recordings seriously. In the past year, Jacob formed Deep Love, releasin...


Don Dellpiero – “Journey Through Time and Space”

Get transported to space on this Monday with “Journey Through Time and Space”, an atmospheric new electronic track from Swedish Synthwave producer Don Dellpiero, based in Gothenburg. “I have a deep influence f...
Retrowave + Synthwave

Turboslash – “Deathracer”

I assume we’ll someday be graced with an awesome movie that recaptures the vibe of an ’80s action film, cheese and all. The hero drives a convertible down the Miami coast, with neon lights reflecting off the ocean t...