Cap’n Marble – “Fox In A Hole” + “Optical Wealth”


A timeless-sounding psychedelic charmer, “Fox In A Hole” shows continued success from Cap’n Marble, the duo of John Dasilva and Ryan Arshonsky, impressing in the past with tracks like “Bed of Sun” and “Song for Ella.”

Initially dreamy retrospection, with a twinkling allure, expands briskly into a psych-rocking demeanor. Certainly, there’s a Beatlesque component to the brisker vocal emergence, and guitar escalation at the 47-second mark in particular leading to the title-referencing chorus. The organ-fronted additions past the first minute evolve into a spoken-word vocal complement and swooning backing vocals, further reinforcing the nostalgic familiarity. A charismatic piano line follows, leading enjoyably into playful guitars. “Fox In A Hole” packs ample variety and energy into its parts, showcasing high-quality songwriting and focused production throughout.

The a-side, “Optical Wealth” is another winner. Sort of a nighttime complement, the stylish synth additions and suaver vocals provide a fun, moody contrast to the accompanying track. The “just watch the seasons change,” vocal rise compares fondly of Tame Impala and Dent May. “Optical Wealth” and “Fox In A Hole” show a band with hooky songwriting chops, with an added ability to differentiate moods and aesthetic. I’m continuing to look forward to what’s next from Cap’n Marble.

Both tracks can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of May 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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