The Link Between Marijuana and Music

Cannabis and music have had a strong relationship for many years. Millions of people all over the world get stoned, turn on their favorite tunes, and chill. Many people feel that marijuana makes things feel better, and music is definitely one of those things. 

In recent years, there have been plenty of cannabis studies carried out. Many experts have looked into why our perception of music is different when we consume marijuana products and why different music genres sound better while under the influence of weed gummies. In this article, we will take a closer look at the different strains available that make listening to music even better. We will also check out why certain music sounds incredible while high on weed.  

Weed can make People more Creative

For hundreds of years, people have been consuming cannabis products to make them more creative. Musicians all around the globe look for inspiration to help them write and play new songs, and often weed is the answer. 

Certain weed strains are great if you want to tap into your creative side. Sativa, which is a strain that originates from warm climates and can be found growing in countries like Thailand and Mexico, is often consumed by artists. Unlike other strains, it can give a person an energy boost and encourage people to use their heads. So instead of sitting down watching comedy shows on television, many musicians write new material while high after consuming Sativa cannabis. 

The uplifting, euphoric feeling that many people experience while stoned can motivate them to write new music. They often think about different melodies and chords which they wouldn’t have thought about if they weren’t high. Bands like the Beatles and Bob Marley, who are household names even in today’s modern world, often consumed cannabis and other drugs while writing. 

Musicians who live in Canada or in certain states in America can purchase marijuana in authorized weed stores known as dispensaries. Stores like Canna Cabana have a wide range of strains available that are great for those looking to be more creative. 

Reggae Music and Pot

Out of all the music genres out there, reggae music and cannabis go hand in hand. However, there is much more to it than Bob Marley smoking a fat spliff on stage!

Although you can find reggae bands all over the world, the majority and the most well known reggae musicians come from Jamaica. In Jamaica, the most popular religion is Rastafarian. In the religion, people believe that consuming cannabis brings them closer to God, which is why you often hear words like “ganja” (slang for cannabis) featured in lyrics of songs. Although not all reggae songs mention the controversial plant, a lot of them do. 

A lot of reggae songs are relaxing with a heavy baseline which makes it ideal music for getting stoned to. Over the last few decades, reggae bands have emerged from all over the world. UB40 from the UK and Sublime from the United States are a couple of examples of bands who released lots of reggae music that gained huge success all over the globe. Often when bands like these play live shows they attract cannabis enthusiasts and reggae lovers. The atmosphere at most reggae gigs is often friendly with a lot of people dancing and smoking pot

Marijuana in Popular Music

Nowadays, cannabis is often mentioned in current pop songs. In the past, it seemed like music and cannabis were more of an underground thing, but nowadays, even well-known artists with a very young following like Justin Bieber sing about weed in their songs. A few decades ago, very few songs would have made it into the charts with lyrics about cannabis. However, with the growing acceptance of marijuana around the world, artists often produce songs with shout-outs to cannabis. 

It seems like people have been singing about alcohol for a long time, so people can’t understand why others get so upset when artists sing about marijuana. However, just because the cannabis laws are changing in many countries, doesn’t mean everybody supports the substance. There are still a lot of people who disagree with the legalization of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Parents believe, and rightfully so, that children follow in the footsteps of their idols. So if their favorite musician is advocating marijuana, parents worry that their kids will want to experiment. They feel that these musicians encourage their listeners to use cannabis and other drugs. 

Can Music Help Cannabis Plants Grow?

Since the 1960s, researchers have been studying how music can affect the way weed grows. Lots of people claim that playing music in areas where there are plants helps them grow bigger. A study conducted in 1962 found that balsam plants that were placed in a room with music had an increased biomass of sixty to seventy percent in comparison to control plants that were put in areas without any sound. The plants that were growing in the room with music also grew twenty percent taller. The same scientist who carried out the study, Dr. TC Signh also claimed that seeds grown in an area where music was playing had an increased vitality rate. These seeds went on to produce stronger characteristics. This can help improve cannabis leaf production. Healthy weed plants often have wide, big leaves. 

Lots of cannabis growers listen to music while growing their beloved marijuana plants, however, many of them are unaware that it could benefit their plants. 

People listen to Music and Consume Weed to Help them with Anxiety and Stress

Finding solutions for those suffering from mental health problems is not easy. While some people go to a psychiatrist, others opt to take strong, often addictive prescription drugs. Dealing with issues like depression, stress and anxiety can prove extremely difficult. During the current ongoing pandemic, there has been a huge increase in the number of young people taking their own lives, so people are desperate to find solutions. 

People of all ages use cannabis products to help them manage stress and anxiety. Music, whether you are listening or playing it, can have a similar effect. Both weed and music can help distract you from negative thoughts and feelings, and replace them with something a bit more positive. Experts are recommending those who are suffering from mental health issues to try cannabis more than ever before. Listening to amazing music and smoking potent weed can help a lot of folks forget about their problems. 


Before you run out to your nearest dispensary to purchase the first cannabis product you see, think about the type of music you listen to first. Different strains can cause different effects, so understanding a little about the most popular strains can help you buy weed that suits your music. Indica often makes people feel relaxed and sometimes tired. Those who consume weed grown from an Indica plant often want to listen to relaxing, chilled-out music, especially if they are just about to go to sleep. Because weed grown from Sativa plants give users an uplifting feeling, listening to electronic or lively music suits this strain better. Most well stocked dispensaries have a wide range of different strains to choose from, so don’t be afraid to ask what strain they would recommend for the type of music you are into


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