Reasons to Trademark Your Band Name

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Be it Moontwin or Forts, bands often have unique names, sparking the curiosity of music lovers and allowing for their individuality to shine through. By trademarking the name of your band, you can effectively ensure that your band’s identity and name are protected; it is an investment that will save you many problems in the future of your music career.

Statistics show that a total number of 1.07 million trademark applications were filed in the US in 2019 alone, pointing towards how essential they have become in today’s world. As you invest extensive time, resources, effort, and talent in your band, you need to ensure complete ownership of your band’s basic details. In this article, we’ll break down a few reasons you should trademark your band name.

1. Trademark Search and Finding a Unique Band Name

The first thing you need to do for trademark registration is to research other band names so you can make sure that they do not already have the same name as yours. A band you’re unaware of, or one that isn’t as popular, might have an identical or similar name, and you will be breaching their mark if that is the case. If you have a federal trademark, your mark is protected nationally, so even small and regional bands are protected under this registration. 

Names of bands may be spelled or formatted differently, making it complicated to research them. Trademark attorneys possess the necessary research tools required to make the mark locating process much easier and can ensure that your band’s name is not considered to be an infringement.

2. National Trademark Protection 

Bands signed with big labels or those preparing to tour nationally might experience complicated cases regarding priority usage when it comes to the name of the band. For example, another band might have the same name and start to perform in your area, selling merchandise and gaining more popularity. This can be solved using a registered trademark, in which case you will have established a solid, legal date of priority usage when it comes to your band name. The earlier you adopt this process, the better, as it enables you to have an ample time duration of protection.

This applies even if you haven’t received national recognition yet. For example, if you own a website through which you sell merchandise, you are probably involved in interstate transactions for which you need to protect your trademark on the federal level. 

3. Protection From Trademark Infringement Liability and Claims

If you pick a band name without research and a band with the same name exists, there’s a good possibility you might be subject to financial damages, particularly if that band claims that your merchandise sale confused their clients who wanted to purchase their products. You can avoid all of this if you invest in a registered trademark that will protect you from being infringed upon. 


By opting for trademark attorney services, you will have someone who will carry out research on available trademarks and ensure your protection in the case where you are in a legal stitch of having to pay financial penalties. You can confirm the complete security of your band’s name because a trademark attorney will use their expertise and knowledge in order to assist you in registering your trademark.

If you still haven’t trademarked your band name, now is the time to do it by reaching out to a professional who knows exactly what they are doing. 


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