Post Death Soundtrack – “Lowdown Animal”


“Lowdown Animal” showcases the gripping, hard-rocking appeal of Canadian power trio Post Death Soundtrack. First catching our attention with 2016 album Unlearning Curve, the now-trio envelop with an evident vigor throughout “Lowdown Animal,” exemplary of their “doom-grunge” embrace — eschewing some past electronic infusions for a more hard-going rock sound, with aspects of hardcore punk and thrash inherent. “Lowdown Animal” comes via the band’s upcoming album, planned to release in April.

“This song is vicious and it’s for anyone out there who has been abandoned, abused or bullied,” vocalist Steve Moore explains. “Everyone deserves dignity. We’ll sneak up, surround the mighty lion and take it down while laughing.” The outsider anthem kicks into gear with sweltering appeal, as strong guitar pulses and a stomping vocal ferocity take hold. “You are the son of intention,” the vocals declare. Visions of it all “coming undone,” stir alongside menacing themes of betrayal in the escalating chorus.

“I’m a lowdown animal, scavenger released,” the visceral, guttural vocal captivation exudes amidst heavy guitar distortion and driving percussive flair. “Don’t leave me hungry.” “Lowdown Animal” is a hard-rocking success that has us firmly anticipating the project’s upcoming album.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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