OCEANDVST – “Dead End Hope”


OCEANDVST unleash an emotive rock enthrallment on new single “Dead End Hope,” traversing from spacey synth pads and trickling guitars into a powerful, heavy-rocking ardency. “I’ve been hiding all this time just to heal,” the vocals admit during the thunderous bridge, leading into an apologetic fervor during the replay-inducing chorus. The track is a testament to the band’s balancing of emo-rock influences with atmospheric heavy-rock, with acts like Paramore and My Chemical Romance referenced in the former category, and Bring Me The Horizon and Bad Omens in the latter.

The project — which formed in 2017 in Thessaloniki, Greece — successfully strives to create a place of solace for those experiencing a sense of loss and despair. Chrysa’s fierce vocal work and lyricism invoke the power of perseverance, admitting failure though also pushing to move forward. The bustling rhythm section and rising vocals culminate into the “never have to say goodbye this way,” conclusion, putting a satiating bow on this memorable output from OCEANDVST.

Mike Mineo

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