Waldo Witt – “Wake Me Tomorrow”


Los Angeles-based artist Waldo Witt exudes an aptly warming psych-pop nostalgia on “Wake Me Tomorrow” capturing “the feeling of returning back home,” and its ensuing sense of belonging.

“When I found myself, alone out here, I wondered what the future might hold,” Witt sings amidst rollicking organs and acoustical twangs, contemplating on the potential of rain and triumph alike. The chorus dazzles with its homebound references — “carry me home,” — playing like a dose of comfort following the unfamiliarity of outer pursuits. “Wake Me Tomorrow” is a fantastic piece of songwriting from Waldo Witt, impressing in the past with tracks like “Tragicomedy” and “Our Love Will Remain.”

Waldo Witt further details the release:

“Wake Me Tomorrow is about the mystery of inspiration; those moments where beautiful memories come bubbling up from somewhere deep in the back of your mind – whether they really happened – or when – isn’t clear. Was it from your distant childhood, was it a dream? It really is a mystery. But with these moments of inspiration is a sense of familiarity, like some truth that we’ve always known. This song tries to capture the feeling of returning back home, to some place where, though you may have never been before, it feels like you belong.”

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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