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Agency – “Philosophies”

March 28, 2018
Fit well for a Friday night based on the driving nocturnal melody and opening lyrics, “Philosophies” is a new track from Agency, featured several times in the past for the project’s stylish take on R&B and pop. “Not gonna stick with you,” Agency’s hypnotic vocals rep...

Agency – “What’s Going On (Right Now)?”

September 6, 2017
Agency’s “What’s Going On (Right Now)?” is a poignant and timely effort from the R&B singer/songwriter, whose previously featured highlights include “Join In” and “Coward“. The Maine-based project continues his showcase of atmospheric R&B, with a mod...

Agency – “Join In”

March 2, 2017
Previously showcased with the tracks “Evaporate” and “Coward“, Maine-based project AGENCY has a new track out called “Join in”, off his new album Identity. The project remains an enigma for the most part, based out of Maine though not much being known apart from the fact...

AGENCY – “Coward”

December 14, 2016
This past October, mysterious Maine-based act AGENCY impressed with “Evaporate”, a chilling new track with an ample atmospheric R&B presence, featuring droplets of piano combining with smooth vocals in a stylistic vein that sat somewhere between James Blake and Frank Ocean. New track “Coward̶...

AGENCY – “Evaporate”

October 27, 2016
“How much love can evaporate before I become a storm?” is asked poignantly during “Evaporate”, a chilling new track from mysterious act AGENCY that shows the project’s emotionally powerful and atmospheric R&B presence. Droplets of piano combine with smooth vocals in a styl...

Add Agency – “BootyPop”

December 11, 2015
The whispered vocals, hypnotic synth-bass, and seductive hi-hat production make “BootyPop” a drawing listen from the beginning. The creators, El Paso-based Add Agency, draw from both the evolving electronic soundscapes of LCD Soundsystem and the idiosyncratic dark allure of Bowie. The project&#...

The astronomical rise of K-pop and J-pop

December 23, 2021
It seems like yesterday when PSY made the whole world dance to Gangnam Style and Gentleman. PSY became a global phenomenon, which introduced K-Pop to the Western world. Many critics, while commenting on the singer, even claimed that PSY was criticizing the bourgeoisie of South Korea. Of course, this was on...

Tips on creating a perfect atmosphere in your ambiance for listening to favorite tunes

October 20, 2021
When and how do you listen to your favorite tunes? You can and should do it anytime you want to! Today we often work from home and this is where we should create a perfect atmosphere for being productive and resting at the same time. You can easily achieve this with music, but you need […]

Sugarface – “Laggard”

Synths + Guitars
September 23, 2020
“Laggard” is a new track from Sugarface, showing a serene sound guided by a meshing of mandolin, acoustics, and melodica. Bird chirps and strumming acoustics start, joined by a light and playful lead thereafter. Trickling guitars, at points like the two-minute mark, cast a climatic pull alongsi...

5 Indie Artists Who Are Breaking Into The Commercial Scene

September 10, 2020
Independent artists usually have one goal: to make it big in mainstream and dominate radio and singles charts, where they can be noticed and heard around the world. They desire to share their music across nations and languages, with the hope that it eventually will reach the hearts of many, building up a s...