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TOLEDO – “Challenger”

October 22, 2020
“Challenger” enjoys a mellow aesthetic steeped in folk and rock — set well alongside lyrics reflecting the beauty of creating and admiring art. The track is another success from TOLEDO, the Brooklyn-based duo who impressed with previous tracks like “Hesperus” and “Bath.&...

TOLEDO – “Bath”

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze
November 12, 2018
“Bath” is a lushly entrancing new track from TOLEDO, an act that has impressed in the past with several tracks. This one plays as their most captivating and atmospheric to date, starting with a tropical-like guitar trickling and hypnotic percussive shuffles, evolving into a melodic array of dre...

Video: TOLEDO – “Hesperus”

January 8, 2018
Boston-based act TOLEDO impressed last October with the powerful “On My Own“, touting sparsely effective beauty.┬áTheir track “Hesperus” also deserves notice, especially with a new video for it just releasing. Beginning with an acoustical shiver and wintry lyrical imagery that fits g...

TOLEDO – “On My Own”

October 10, 2017
“On My Own” is a slice of twangy, ascending beauty from Boston-based act TOLEDO, formed by longtime friends Jordan Dunn-Pilz and Daniel Alvarez de Toledo. The Boston-based project impresses mightily on this new track, beginning with rainy-day guitar twangs that tout a sparse beauty. The “...

Skinny Dippers – “Wedding Ring”

March 18, 2022
“Wedding Ring” is the latest track from Brooklyn-based project Skinny Dippers, fronted by singer/songwriter Ryan Gross. Expanding from gentle twangy introspection and beach-set musings into rock-forward fervency, the track captivates with its melodic songwriting and escalating structure. The ro...

Sam Rappaport – “Journeyman’s Ballet”

November 24, 2021
The latest release from Brooklyn-based artist Sam Rappaport, “Journeyman’s Ballet” captivates with a dreamy, soft vein of folk and rock. A melodic, bouncy piano-based backbone drives to the resonating line “why does the darkness bring a requiem for a king?” — exuding a p...

Nellie – “Columbus, Ohio”

November 22, 2021
“Columbus, Ohio” is the heartfelt debut single from NYC-based artist Nellie. The lyrics poignantly capture the feeling of home being wherever your love is, no matter where. Optimistic guitar tones complement Nellie’s resonating vocal presence: “Take me to Columbus, Ohio, we’ll...

Vern Matz – “Burnt Coffee”

Lo-Fi Pop/Rock
December 3, 2020
A laid-back, twangy delight, “Burnt Coffee” is a new track from Vern Matz, standing out in the past with tracks like “Shelby Park” and “Skyscrapers.” “‘Burnt Coffee’ is about a failing high school track star who prefers inebriation to friendship,”...

Best Albums of 2019: #50 to #41

Top Albums
December 17, 2019
Obscure Sound kicks off featuring the best albums of 2019.

Bliss Nova – “Going Places”

November 14, 2019
“Going Places” is a melodic synth-pop gem from Bliss Nova, off their recently released album of the same name. The track is a showcase of the Toledo-based duo’s lush pop sound, alongside a vocal yearning for a brisker pace in life. An effervescent bridge just prior to the two-minute mark ...