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Von Sell – “Scene of a Crime”

October 5, 2018
“Scene of a Crime” is the latest from Von Sell, who again impresses after doing so with numerous tracks throughout the years. The Brooklyn-based artist shows a throbbing vein of danceable, electro-pop here, a backing vocal mm-ing adding to the infectious appeal. Things scale back a bit around 0...

Von Sell – “Hell No”

January 27, 2018
“Hell No” is the first release from Brooklyn-based act Von Sell in over a year, after a forced hiatus due to a vocal cord injury. Previously impressing here with a variety of efforts, Von Sell’s “Hell No” is similarly stellar. Beginning with a percussion-less wash of guitars a...

Von Sell – “Ivan (Revisited)”

November 25, 2016
This dazzling new track from NYC-based Von Sell packs a big-time, infectious sound led by passionate vocals, whirring synth arps, and a colorful feel that leads into a brisk hook – “you’ve got yourself a girlfriend” – that packs ample replay value. Hot Chip comes to mind as an...

Von Sell – “Miss Me”

October 28, 2016
We just featured Von Sell’s infectious track “Names” a few weeks back, though even newer effort “Miss Me” is enough of a standout to warrant more coverage. It’s also a great demonstration of Brooklyn-based David Von Sell’s diversity as a songwriter. “Names...

Von Sell – “Names”

October 13, 2016
Brooklyn-based David Von Sell has already generated a good degree of hype for his self-titled EP dropping tomorrow, with his just-released track “Names” drawing considerable praise. It’s easy to see why, as the effort showcases his slick electro-pop chops with pulsating synths, as well as...