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The Top 10 Songs About Gambling

It seems as if each and every year, gambling becomes more and more a part of our culture. In part, this due to the continued success of casino themes in the entertainment industry. Movies like Ocean’s 11 give us glimpses ...

Monarchy: Straddling Genres and Near-Stardom

Straddling the fence with musical styles can be a smashing success… or simply make your crotch tired. Luckily for Monarchy, a British duo currently signed to Mercury Records UK, their blending of genres works in spades. The gro...


Mink Freud – Gelatinous (2011)

Cast your mind back to the early and mid-’90s. You may recall a specific revolution in electronic ambient music. Artists like Aphex Twin, Orbital and Brian Eno brought a whole new meaning to the electronica of that era, k...