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Vesuvio Solo – “Avion”

Montreal-based duo Vesuvio Solo is comprised of Cameron Maclean and former TOPS bassist Thom Gillies, who produce a wonderful sound steeped in jangly guitars and soft synth flourishes. The result is somewhere between the sophis...

Jack Savoretti – “Russian Roulette”

Italian English singer/songwriter Jack Savoretti has been compared to the likes of Simon & Garfunkel for his ability to produce intimate, beautifully haunting songs. The excellent “Russian Roulette” rides on a s...


A Funky Chin Chin

One of my favorite YouTube clips is of legendary funk bassist Bootsy Collins laying down a slick live bass solo in 1978 with Parliament-Funkadelic, treating an audience in Maryland to the glorious sight of his nearly unmatched ...