New Tracks

MP3: Deep Sea Diver – “Ships”

"Ships" is the first track off Deep Sea Diver's full-length debut History Speaks. The trio is fronted by guitarist Jessica Dobson, lead guitarist of The Shins and past collaborator with the likes

MP3s: Rural Ghosts

The sparsely intimate folk of Rural Ghosts is bound to conjure up Jeff Buckley comparisons, mainly for how Erik Neilson projects his chilly yet powerful quiver over hazy acoustics ranging from high-pitched

Stream: Real Estate – “Exactly Nothing”

Real Estate – Exactly Nothing Real Estate take us to balmy shores and sunny days on “Exactly Nothing”, taken from their most recent Days single, “Easy”. Its swirling array of fluttering guitars brings to mind both

MP3: Dunes – “Jukebox Adieu”

MP3: Dunes – Jukebox Adieu “Jukebox Adieu” is the second single off Dunes’ debut LP Noctiluca. The trio take a conventional psych-rock aesthetic, with its lofty structures and ambitious turns, and make it quite accessible

MP3: Lotus Plaza – “Strangers”

Deerhunter's Lockett Pundt revealed a track on Spooky Action at a Distance, his second album under the Lotus Plaza name. Listen to "Strangers" inside.

New Albums

von Krogh – ‘WAVES’

Oslo-based band von Krogh depict the turbulent aspect of life’s ups and downs within an emotive production on their new album WAVES.