New Tracks

Stream: Mount Eerie – “House Shape”

As reported in February, Phil Elverum, of Microphones and Mount Eerie, will be releasing two albums this year. The first, Clear Moon, presents songs about “a quiet life in and around a small northwest town, usually

MP3: mr. Gnome – “The Way”

mr. Gnome are already following last year's excellent Madness in Miniature up strong with a new digital 7" Softly Mad, consisting of tracks "The Way" and "Still Life". The former is a

Stream: Cineplexx – “Crawl o Mariposa”

With a focus on guitars and synth-infused pop, Cineplexx's sound is a blend of psych-pop, culturally eclectic folk, and post-rock; it's not too distant from the engrossing DIY pop of R. Stevie

Full Album: Fly Golden Eagle – Swagger

Swagger is a genius album from Nashville-based Fly Golden Eagle that has gone severely overlooked. It comes highly recommended. Stream the entire release inside.

MP3s: Day Joy

MP3: Day Joy – Talks of Terror MP3: Day Joy – Animal Noise Michael Serrin and Peter Michael Perceval craft haunting folk music with bursts of noise-pop and rock, evidenced best by the stunning

MP3: Deep Sea Diver – “Ships”

"Ships" is the first track off Deep Sea Diver's full-length debut History Speaks. The trio is fronted by guitarist Jessica Dobson, lead guitarist of The Shins and past collaborator with the likes

MP3s: Rural Ghosts

The sparsely intimate folk of Rural Ghosts is bound to conjure up Jeff Buckley comparisons, mainly for how Erik Neilson projects his chilly yet powerful quiver over hazy acoustics ranging from high-pitched

Stream: Real Estate – “Exactly Nothing”

Real Estate – Exactly Nothing Real Estate take us to balmy shores and sunny days on “Exactly Nothing”, taken from their most recent Days single, “Easy”. Its swirling array of fluttering guitars brings to mind both

New Albums

Carey Clayton – ‘Headless’

Los Angeles-based artist Carey Clayton embraces a gorgeous, textured pop and rock intertwining on the new album Headless. Frequently hypnotic in its layered production


Luga – ‘Become’ EP

The Become EP showcases the blissfully atmospheric sound of Luga. The project of Brighton, UK-based artist Lewis Broad-Ashman impresses with a sound