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The Roofwalkers Renovation

Releasing an album fresh out of college can be an interesting process. One arrives at the point where excitement and ambition are more prevalent than ever, not yet deterred by continuous rejection or personal crisis. All the kn...

Brooklyn’s Favorite Library

Continuing with the stream of CMJ-bound artists, The Library are a bit different from what many expect at a festival of CMJ’s often frenetic vein. Often popular for artists that tout theatrical art-rock, synth-pounding da...


The Harpeth Trace

A prevalent veneration for the past can certainly be detrimental to an artist’s work if their techniques are either outdated or generic, but holding such a high esteem for successful precedents can also prove to be quite benefi...

Solarise Crafts Outstanding Debut in “Still the Same Dream”

Within the past decade, Scotland has seen its share of native bands go on to achieve international success. Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, and Travis are a just of a few of the names deriving from the nation in northwest Europe....


God Save The Clientele!

The Clientele are achieving an odd form of success for a British band. In most cases, bands from different countries find initial success in their native country prior to any other location overseas. However, in this case, the ...