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The Mynabirds

Whether referring to fusions or collaborations, co-creations are often best digested with familiarity of the two or more components at hand. For instance, the food grapple looks like an apple, but its skin tastes like a grape a...

Best Albums of 2009: #20 to #11

The top ten will be unveiled tomorrow, but these albums are just as worthwhile.


Richard Swift – The Atlantic Ocean (2009)

Richard Swift’s scraggly beard, endearing voice, and piano-based delivery can all be indicative of the past in some way, but such superficial elements cannot even touch upon what makes Swift one of the most chronologically misp...

Ane Brun Watches the Changing of the Seasons

The difference between music awards in North America and Europe often astounds me. Sure, a “Grammy Award” is universally synonymous with quality on each side of the Atlantic Ocean, but the exposure that it provides ...