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Wilderness Survival 101

Musical collaborations can work a number of ways. A uniformly legalistic partnership for every song regardless of its actual writer is one method (Lennon/McCartney), while splitting songs up equally (like on OutKast’s Spe...

A Great Forecast for Future Clouds and Radar

As I indicated less than two weeks when featuring Benji Hughes’ excellent A Love Extreme, releasing a double-disc album as a debut can be a risky venture for numerous reasons. Inaccessibility is the primary one for sure, along ...


Obscure Sound: Best of November 2008

As I currently sit on this return bus to DC within a horde of traffic, I cannot help but turn my focus toward the end of the year. This Thanksgiving weekend proved to be quite a reliever for me after a rather grueling few month...

Benji Hughes and A Love Extreme

Though it is a risky venture to release a double album even if you are a considerably prestigious artist, the bulk of such releases usually derive from artists who have already made a reputable name for themselves at a time whe...