Obscure Sound: Best of November 2008


As I currently sit on this return bus to DC within a horde of traffic, I cannot help but turn my focus toward the end of the year. This Thanksgiving weekend proved to be quite a reliever for me after a rather grueling few months, preparing me for my insanely anticipated winter break in two weeks. This year, my break coincides with the time in which I usually roll out my top 50 albums of the year. I am currently in the process of compiling the releases, re-listening to old favorites, and giving many albums that I feel deserve another listen or two a few more chances. As usual, this will be released the week prior to Christmas, with numbers 50 to 41 beginning on 12/15. I will unveil 40 more albums over the next four days and Friday will introduce the top ten albums of the year. For new readers, you can get a glimpse at this annual feature’s format by clicking to the links on the right sidebar; 2006 and 2007 were both great years in music, so you may even find something new and worthwhile in those older features. As for now, this will be the last best-of compilation of 2008. These have always provided ample indication of the best material featured on this site, so anyone looking for a potential peek into this year’s list should check out the compilation archives. The next two weeks leading up to the “Top 50 Albums of 2008” will look at several great artists that deserve some recognition before the year concludes. As usual, I hope you enjoy what this month has to offer.

01. Benji Hughes – You Stood Me Up (post)
02. Mason Proper – Point A to Point B (post)
03. The Harpeth Trace – Dead Eyes (post)
04. Piano Magic – Vacancies (post)
05. Jonquil – Whistle Low (post)
06. The British Columbians – Ain’t No Direction (post)
07. The Olympic Symphonium – Oh Dear (post)
08. Populous – Royal Gold (post)
09. Dark Dark Dark – Junk Bones (post)
10. Braids – Liver and Tan (post)


Mike Mineo

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  1. For the past few weeks, I’ve been coming back regularly to listen to “You Stood Me Up” and “Point A to Point B” and they made the top 2 spots, I love it!

  2. Yeah gr8 job! thanks
    I don’t really know how you do. And yes I’ve been enjoying it, specially The British Columbian’s song Ain’t no Direction with his “strongly expressive chorus”, surely I’m not the only one. I came here accidentally, I can´t remember why, but fortunately I’ve found things that wouldn’t hear anywhere else. I’ll keep digin’ out your post from here Colombia.

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