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Best Albums of 2009: #20 to #11

The top ten will be unveiled tomorrow, but these albums are just as worthwhile.

Jonquil Whistles Low

The divergence of folk music has been a common observation among fans of independent music for the past decade or so. Whether one most prefers the interpretation of Eastern European folk by the likes of Beirut and Gogol Bordell...


Casey Neill Integrates Folk-Punk in Brooklyn Bridge

While most artists can be clumped into one accustomed genre, there are always those few who stay clear of the classification process. Casey Neill‘s newest album, Brooklyn Bridge, sounded like an ambitious sampling to me a...

CONTEST: Half Nelson soundtrack

I’m happy to announce that Obscure Sound and THINKFilm are teaming up to bring you a promotional giveaway of the soundtrack of the new movie Half Nelson, featuring Broken Social Scene. The movie tells the story of a young...