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Obscure Sound: Best of May 2011

There were some great new breakthroughs this month. Bands like Skeletons, The Wandas, and Art Imperial turned in solid work that should propel their status significantly. As far as more familiar names go, Man Man and My Morning...

Black Lips – Arabia Mountain (2011)

Before 2009, I was more or less indifferent to Black Lips, a band that basically sounded like a few other bands I already liked (Monks, King Khan & BBQ Show, etc). Then I heard 200 Million Thousand, an album with a dirge to it ...


The Implosion of The King Khan & BBQ Show

The King Khan & BBQ Show's break-up last week in Daegu, South Korea was raucously entertaining, much like the garage-rockers' renowned shows. Jay Mattson provides his first-hand account of the chaotic scene at Bar Guess, where ...