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I Heart Hiroshima, Bass or No Bass

No instrument has ever been a necessity, for talented artists always find a means for audible manipulation. It sounds like such a conceited and disdainful word, but when manipulation is used as a means to promote unconditional ...

Flamingo Crash

It appears that we have been navigating the globe over the past few posts. From the heart of North America to Japan and over to Finland it’s been quite a diverse variation. This time, I’ll bring to you a rising band...


The Grates – Gravity Won’t Get You High

For their debut full-length, The Grates, 3-piece from Brisbane, have gone all out on production recording the album in America and working with a producer for the first time.  The result is an amazing collection of off-beat po...


Sunset Rubdown – The Men Are Called Horsemen There [audio:https://obscuresound.com/mp3/sunset_rubdown-the_men_are_called_horsemen_there.mp3] I don’t think it’s too early for me to declare a song of 2006. Well, ...