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Sunset Rubdown – The Men Are Called Horsemen There


I don’t think it’s too early for me to declare a song of 2006. Well, up to this point anyways. Sunset Rubdown is headed by Wolf Parade’s Spencer Krug, whose vocals seem to be very odd, but fulfilling, with no known comparisons. Streching seven minutes long, there is not one dull moment. The whole song builds up for about tree and a half minutes into an explosion of a structure. The screaming guitar and music really is quite phenomenal. “If I was a horse, I would throw up the reigns, if I was you,” Krug chants along with, “but I am no horse and you are no angel.” The thing I love about this song though, is Krug’s little chants at the end of each line after the chorus hits. In a vocal cross between Morrissey and Jamie Stewart, Spencer Krug has crafted a song that is currently my favorite of the year.

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The Grates – Wash Me


Believe it or not, there are a good amount of good bands from Australia. They just tend to get a little less press than everyone else for some reason. The Grates are a relatively new energetic band from Brisbane. With a female singer simply named Patience, she has clear energy directed in all of their songs.  ‘Wash Me’ is a short but fun song off of their EP, The Ouch. The Touch. They are playing at SXSW, and are certainly an act to watch

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The Housemartins – Bow Down


For those unfamiliar with The Housemartins: no, it isn’t a young Morrissey singing. The Housemartins were a catchy British jangle band in the later 1980s. Their career only lasted four years with two albums, but their songs remained memorable nonetheless. ‘Bow Down’ is off of their greatest hits album, which I strongly recommend. Plenty of brass, harmonics, and charming vocals can be heard from The Housemartins.

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