The Grates – Gravity Won’t Get You High

For their debut full-length, The Grates, 3-piece from Brisbane, have gone all out on production recording the album in America and working with a producer for the first time.  The result is an amazing collection of off-beat pop gems that get better with every listen.

I was a massive fan of their previous release, The Ouch, The Touch, and some of the songs off that release have been given a make-over for the album.  While in most cases this led to an improvement on brilliance, the inclusion of a ukulele on Sukkafish is something I don’t understand and probably never will.  There are happy little tunes that make you want to jump around a room like 19 20 20 and Inside Outside, and those songs where you feel everything Patience sings such as Feels Like Pain. The energy of The Grates comes through nicely on their recorded material, singer Patience’s voice with its attitude and quirky inflections deserves its own note-by-note review, it is nothing compared with their live work.  For me, The Grates are one of those bands where seeing a live show makes you appreciate their albums even more.  The energy of the band on stage is amazing, Patience jumps non-stop from start to finish, rabbit hoping and twisting across the stage to everyone, especially her own, delight.  There are even group of guys who I have seen at a couple of gigs with “Marry me Patience” signs who stare adoringly at the stage and sing every lyric.

When I first bought Gravity Won’t Get You High I was slightly upset with what i though was over-produced version of songs I loved, but then I saw them live again and realized that even with their slick backing instruments and ukuleles they still have everything I love about them. The album is a great buy and if you can get your hands on it highly recommend it and they are doing some shows in the America this month so any one who is interested and there look it up and go!!! Overall, I’m going to give it 8/10.

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