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Flotation Walls Require Patience

Anticipation can be a relatively deceptive thing. It has no bearing on the actual result of a product or action, even if hype can sway us otherwise. I can only imagine how the few remaining Guns N’ Roses fans felt those 1...

A Holiday Shores Getaway

Nathan Pemberton refuses to abide by the DIY stereotype. He records in his Florida garage with an economical home studio, which supplies just enough firepower for him to make his innovations come alive. But despite the allure o...


Spanish Prisoners Sing Songs to Forget

As the historically implied name of his solo project may suggest, songwriter Leo Maymind finds contentment in writing songs that disregard time, place, and age to the fullest extent. Under his Spanish Prisoners alias, one can c...

Moviola’s “Dead Knowledge” is Lucky #7

If you asked any local in Columbus, Ohio with even the slightest grasp of music who Moviola is, they would most likely respond brightly, describing the band’s career with a glow on their face, even comparing them to local...