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Best Albums of 2009: #30 to #21

Part three of five finds an even mixture of debuts and veteran releases that made a mark in 2009.

Obscure Sound: Best of January 2009

This month’s compilation actually serves as a fusion of December and January. My primary focus in December was the Best Albums of 2008 feature, so there were not enough featured artists to suffice for an entire compilatio...


Cymbals Eat Guitars

All bands have to start somewhere, and for Cymbals Eat Guitars it was as a high school band that dabbled mostly in Weezer covers (from their first two albums, fortunately). Listening to the music of Cymbals Eat Guitars in their...

Landscape Progresses Atypical Post-Rock From Paris

Landscape is such a suitable name for the delicate post-rock group from Paris, France. Crafting atmospheric landscapes is something that the collective group of musicians does incredibly well; interweaving acoustic guitars, dra...