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Yeasayer – Odd Blood (2010)

Yeasayer's highly anticipated follow-up proves to be one of 2010's first great albums.

Grant-Lee Phillips Plays to a Little Moon

Even if it brings necessary experience and helpful recognition, having a lengthy career also ignites some associations that can be highly detrimental to an artist’s frame of mind. Few would prefer anonymity to prominence,...


Here We Go Magic

In the life of Luke Temple, artistic transitioning nearly seems like a daily routine by now. In several career choices that are not particularly surprising from a multifarious talent, Temple has made a living out of being both ...

This Magnet Attracts

When listening to music, whether you are an amateur or an apparent know-it-all, it is usually easy to recognize when an artist is on the verge of mainstream success. Providing a sense of both instant accessibility and amiabilit...


Freeheat: An Appetizer to The Jesus and Mary Chain

Any rock historian could easily stress the importance of The Jesus and Mary Chain. Though the influential band from Scotland did not receive such deserved recognition or sales during their active years, critics and fans have fi...

We know how to dance!

I find it interesting how often the synth fad fades in and out over the years. A few years ago, any band using it as a main component of their songs were labeled as “stuck in the past” or “cheap”. Curren...