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The Eversons

The Eversons are highlights in the fusion of past and present that is art-punk, a genre most recently propelled by names like Art Brut and The Rakes. Both groups debuted in 2005 with a thickly accented, spontaneously wry vocal ...

The Stanley Blacks

The Stanley Blacks are a no-gimmicks indie rock band from the UK. Fitting into such a category is presently a tricky maneuver, as many of their counterparts are shrugged off in favor of over-produced, industrial sounds. But the...


I Heart Hiroshima, Bass or No Bass

No instrument has ever been a necessity, for talented artists always find a means for audible manipulation. It sounds like such a conceited and disdainful word, but when manipulation is used as a means to promote unconditional ...

Flamingo Crash

It appears that we have been navigating the globe over the past few posts. From the heart of North America to Japan and over to Finland it’s been quite a diverse variation. This time, I’ll bring to you a rising band...



So up to the land of Scotch, Haggis and Franz Ferdinand I went. Tent in hand, ready to get mucky to the sounds of the best Scotland’s major festival had to offer. First up on the Saturday were Australia’s Cut Copy i...