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Best Albums of 2009: #20 to #11

The top ten will be unveiled tomorrow, but these albums are just as worthwhile.

Obscure Sound: Best of February 2009

After I watched the commencement of spring training and witnessed the mid-point of my “spring” semester, springtime weather appeared imminent. D.C. did not really reinforce that sentiment by giving us a few inches o...


Cass McCombs Looks Ahead to PREfection

The process of discovering artists can often turn into a domino effect, where reading into the origins of one artist leads to the discovery of another. This fortunate scenario is one of the reasons why I attempt to be so factua...

Papercuts Have What You Want

The specific method of recording an album should never be used an indicator of an artist’s level of commitment. After all, not everyone can afford the $100/hour going rate and, unless an artist is one of the lucky few that gets...