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ALBUM PREVIEW: The Black Keys – Magic Potion

Revitalizing the original roots of Blues rock has been a recent, though not entirely common, trend of the past decade. Successful bands such as The Black Crowes, The White Stripes, and My Morning Jacket have used strong compone...

SHORT BITS – 7/19/06

We have a MySpace page now… check it out and add us! The nominations for the Mercury music prize have been announced, including Arctic Monkeys, Editors, Hot Chip, Muse, and Thom Yorke. The dark horse (and my favorite out ...


The (Halfway Point) Top Ten Albums of 2006

One of the reasons why I enjoy listing my favorite albums from a certain year is that it’s so highly debatable. There are rarely two publications who have exactly the same order or number one album. There will always be a...

ALBUM PREVIEW: Junior Boys – So This Is Goodbye

The Junior Boys are one of those bands with such a unique sound, it is quite hard to compare them to others. The duo of Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus combine lush electronica with soothing vocals and fascinating lyrics. The...


LIVE: Pulp – 06/24/95 – Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, England

NME probably summed this show up the best when they proclaimed it the 67th best moment in rock history (see here). Indeed, 1995 to many was the year of the Brit-pop explosion and Pulp was at the forefront of it. Jarvis Cocker r...

MUSIC DOWNLOADS: The Morning Benders

The Morning Benders are from California, and this is not surprising judging by their sound. They seem to create a very easy-listening and smooth sound, calling on influences ranging from The Beach Boys and The Beatles to The Sh...



For some, like myself, the Japanese noise scene is full of music that isn’t that enjoyable, and the Japanese pop scene is usually too fake. It’s strange that something right in between could be so enjoyable. Aside f...


It’s better late than never to review the new solo album from the former frontman of The Jam.