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The Dragon Turtle Almanac

As Brian Lightbody and Tom Asselin could tell you, the differences between rural and urban America are plentiful. Lightbody lives in media-centric Brooklyn and works as a creative director, while Asselin resides in northeastern...

Strand of Oaks Leave Ruin

Throughout their educational career, one often comes across a teacher or professor that leaves a durable mark on their future. These could either be individuals who teach from knowledge, their heart, or both; it depends purely ...


Ports of Call Act Like Thieves

There is no need for me to stress the importance of atmosphere within music. Anyone who has heard any quality music, from classical works to punk or shoegaze, understands that it is a vital component in building up a dedicated ...

The Mint Prepares Their Refreshing Debut

Living up to their namesake by compiling a fresh and satisfying assortment of guitar-led alternative rock, The Mint provides for a typical standard of catchy indie-rock with their four-core attack of guitars, bass, keyboard, an...


Matthew Friedberger

Though he has a rather serious look on his face in the above photo, Matthew Friedberger‘s music has some of the most fun and creative elements you will hear today. He is most well known for being half of the brother and s...