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MP3: James Iha – “Summer Days”

Former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha is releasing his first album since 1998. "Summer Days" is a breezy pop track from his upcoming Look to the Sky, which features guest appearances from Tom Verlaine, Karen O, and Mike ...

Air Announce New Album

The Smashing Pumpkins aren’t the only ones to pay tribute to Georges Méliès’ silent short film Le Voyage Dans La Lune. French electronic duo Air take a bow to Méliès with their new album, its name the same as the fi...


Mass Fiction

The role of a producer is often undesirable to many young musicians. The arrogance and pretentiousness among many in this niche leads them to believe their creative power is limitless, and so therefore their songs can speak vol...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Warpaint for The Fool

I have no complaints about post-punk fetishism. If an artist justifies their attempts to replicate the dark, grumbling moodiness of bands like The Chameleons UK or Joy Division, then listeners are generally treated to polished ...