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The Smashing Pumpkins aren’t the only ones to pay tribute to Georges Méliès’ silent short film Le Voyage Dans La Lune. French electronic duo Air take a bow to Méliès with their new album, its name the same as the film. Their first album since 2009’s Love 2, Le Voyage Dans La Lune will be released February 7th through Astralwerks, and feature guest lyrics and vocals from Beach House’s Victoria Legrand (on “Seven Stars”) and Au Revoir Simone (“Who Am I Now?”). The album will include a limited-edition version of the short film and Air’s original music score, from when they provided the score for an updated version of Méliès’ film at its 2011 Cannes Film Festival debut.

Le Voyage Dans La Lune track listing:

01. Astronomic Club
02. Seven Stars
03. Retour sur terre
04. Parade
05. Moon Fever
06. Sonic Armada
07. Who Am I Know?
08. Décollage
09. Cosmic Trip
10. Homme lune
11. Lava

MP3: Air – Cherry Blossom Girl

Air – All I Need

Air – Playground Love

Air – Alone in Kyoto (Goku DRUMSTEP REMIX 2)

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