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The European Sambassadeur

I am interested to see what this decade brings to Swedish pop music. One would be hesitant to call the ’00s a moment of global emergence for the movement, especially considering that the country has been generating qualit...

Best Albums of 2008: #20 to #11

by Mike Mineo ——————————————————————————————...


Those Dancing Days

It speaks to the confidence of a band when the name of one of their first singles is “Hitten”, a title that translates to “The Hit” in English. The native language, of course, should be no surprise; Swedish pop music has been i...

Håkan Hellström

When I was looking for information about the up-and-coming Håkan Hellström, I could not help but notice that basically every bio, web-posted comment, or other tidbit online was written in Swedish. Now, this would make sense of ...