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Sindie 4 – Inside! Inside! Inside!

Sindie 4 tread everywhere from Wire’s concise punk to Roxy Music’s sophisticated touch of glam, from swirling organ-led psychedelia to hazy British Invasion. The trio turn their pocketful of influences into fiercely...

Glass Eye – Bent by Nature (1988)

We go back in time for this lost gem. Its sounds are vaguely recognizable as pop, but as the kind of pop somehow reconfigured from secondhand rumors, hazy and jagged reminiscences. Songs constructed from the rusty shards from t...

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Teenage Panzerkorps

Teenage Panzerkorps are more than revivalists in the songwriting sense. Their sounds recall the kraut-rock of Can and Neu! with a cutting-edge lo-fi allure, vast and tributary enough to appear like a fusion of albums one obtain...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Albums for Autumn, Pt. 2

Here we go again. The first “Albums for Autumn” feature went well, providing a good variety of albums new and old that are best suited for autumnal listening. As I said in that post, these albums are recommended to be listened ...