Yeah, so David Wrench is a 6’5” albino of Viking descent. His life appears to be as interesting as his superficial appearance as well. His web site details true little fun facts about his life up to this point. They include:

-Spending a year hitching around Britain for a year wearing leggings and hotpants.
-Had a history of being thrown out of colleges and such, for drug problems. He took his final music exam on LSD.
-He lost his virginity in a graveyard on the Menai Straights.
-He had a two year memory loss, in which apparently during the time he drank moldy custard and dyed his hair blue.
-He accidentally was booked at a children’s party. Children cried when they saw him.

Those are only five examples from his mini-biography on his site. It’s definitely worth a laugh and a read, and he maintains it all to be 100% true. As for his music, I like it quite a bit. His witty wordplay and sexual induendo reminds me strikingly of Jarvis Cocker with synths. Wrench’s diversity in his music and almost as striking as his appearance, as his lyrics and catchy riffs are very memorable. Of course he needs to be controversial, talking about religion, politics and sex. “I wanna get it on, gonna do it to you wrong,” Wrench says slyly on ‘Do It To You Wrong’. “I need a drug that won’t fuck me up, I need a lover that won’t let me down, I need some money that won’t put a hole in my pocket.” While the lyrics may occasionally sound like some silly rap act, Wrench may be silly, but he is certainly talented. In addition to his great songs, he has taken production and engineering credit for such bands as British Sea Power, Julian Cope, and the Archie Bronson Outfit. Both songs shown here have very similar featues (same guitar tone basically), but the diversity kicks in throughout. In addition, you can download three more tracks on his official web site. His first LP, The Atomic World Of Tomorrow is available for purchase.

David Wrench – Do It To You Wrong



David Wrench – World War IV


Official Web Site

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  1. He’s one hell of a character. Gorwel Owen erstwhile Super Furry Animals and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci producer recorded him while he was still at school. He was very talented even then.
    He had one track on a Best Of Ankst compilation (Radio Crymi Playlist) a few years ago; “God Is High” truly superb.
    His latest CD “The Atomic World Of Tomorrow” is also highly recommended.

  2. wow look at him, i don’t blame the kids. lol. his tracks are good though, thanks.

  3. I’ve just recently found his music and additionally, he’s sex incarnate.

    Unfortunately, the links to the soundfiles that you provided are teh dead and his website seems to be down (and has been since at least late July of this year).

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