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Cats on Fire – Our Temperance Movement (2009)

Music is one of the few ways we can revisit the past through our senses. Listeners tend to eternally place themselves in a particular emotional or social location after hearing a song, and this consequently creates a memory or ...

The Leisure Society

When the time occurs in which technology overtakes many basic human functions and automation becomes a habit, many futurists claim that we will revert into something of a “leisure society”. John Maynard Keynes, one of the foref...


Best Albums of 2008: #20 to #11

by Mike Mineo ——————————————————————————————...

Wearing Winter Gloves in Montreal

I do hope to travel across a wide variety of locations one day, but as a middle-class college student I understand that my resources are somewhat limited. That being said, it is a common process for me to singularly identify ce...


Robert Wyatt Continues an Enduring Legacy

First off, I hope everyone’s holidays treated them well. I took a break from the site for a week and I come back feeling relatively relaxed. After that arduous (though heavily rewarding) “Best Albums of 2007” ...

Lovely Afternoons in Cardiff

Sometimes the oddest of mixtures can bring a band together. For The Afternoons, it was a mutual love for the prolific David Bowie and the spicy Indian dish, curry. Hey, whatever works. Since their formation in 1999, lead vocali...


A History Lesson from The XYZ Affair

First of all, I will reluctantly admit that the above photo is not from the newest “Fruit of the Loom” commercial. As enjoyable as it must be to advertise t-shirts and underwear while eating fruit on television, the...

REVIEW: Air Traffic – Fractured Life

Can this acclaimed four-piece from the UK live up to hefty expectations on their debut? Through powerful, piano-led melodies, the result is satisfying enough.


Summer Went Too Soon in Switzerland

While their brooding name would sound most appropriate in September, the brightest moments that are derived from Switzerland’s Summer Went Too Soon sounds suitably enjoyable for any time of the year. After all, I cannot t...

Weller & Coxon Collaborate on “This Old Town”

When Britain’s most infamous tabloid newspaper, The Sun, published a few months ago that Paul Weller and Graham Coxon were in the studio working together on a few new tracks, I assume most people considered it to be a mer...