The Milestone Corporation – Loser’s Way Out


The Milestone Corporation are a very promising rock band straight out of Sweden, whose members have been playing together for about three years. Vocalist Petter Uvesten’s strong and diverse powerful deep vocals are one of the band’s standpoints, along with the excellent piano and organs by Carl Leskinen. The band seems extremely locked in, with the rhythm sections, guitars, organs, and vocals flowing smoothly together. ‘Loser’s Way Out’ is my personal favorite off of their new EP, Big Night Out. The song starts with a thumping bass, followed by a steady organ, with drums and a guitar following shortly after before the vocals kick in. All leads up to a memorable chorus. We have seen several bands from Sweden become big, and it would be no surprise to me if The Milestone Corporation finds a good American audience shortly. I strongly recommend you to buy their EP below, which you can download all the songs on their web site.

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Herbert – The Movers And The Shakers


You’re going to hear about Matthew Herbert’s new album, Scales this year whether it comes from rave reviews or end-of-the-year lists. Herbert mainly works in the electronic field, but his new album Scales retains influence from various genres. His expert songcrafting can make jazz smoothly transition into electronica easily. The vocals in his songs usually are of several different vocalists, and in ‘The Movers And The Shakers’, it is primarily done with male vocals though the duet with the female vocals is very nice. Herbert’s notable top notch production and songwriting is as present as ever, and Scales is shaping up to be his best album yet.

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