This year’s ‘T In The Park’ is looking to be a great one. With much of the lineup details revealed, many bands are joining by the day. Currently bands that are playing include Sigur Ros, Paul Weller, Franz Ferdinand, Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, The Go! Team, The Who, The Strokes, and much more. ‘T In The Park’ will take place 7/8 and 7/9. ( source )


Bruce Springsteen (The Boss) announced a new album titled We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions. It is set to be released on April 24. It shows Springsteen’s admiration of Pete Seeger, as it is traditional songs asssociated with Seeger. Click the source for the tracklisting. Tour dates will be announced shortly. ( source )


Courtney Love is citing Bob Dylan as a heavy influence on her new album, which Billy Corgan is co-writing. It’s a rather desperate comment from a desperate person who always needs to be the center of attention; but she apparently has her fans, so we’ll see how the new ‘cool Dylan-esque’ attitude pans out. It’s still laughable though. ( source )


The Pitchfork Music Festival is also shaping up to be nice. Current performers include Jens Lekman (a personal favorite of mine), Mountain Goats, Mission of Burma, The National, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, The Hot Machines, and more. There are supposively going to be over 36 acts when the show is on from 7/29 to 7/30. Lots of good shows in July, eh? ( source )


Usually when the word ‘Chinese Democracy’ is associated with Guns N’ Roses, it’s a joke on their LP they’ve apparently been working on, on and off, for about fifteen years. Well, four songs leaked online. These include ‘T.W.A.T. (There Was A Time)’, ‘The Blues’, ‘I.R.S.’ and ‘Better’. I’ll provide samples shortly if I can find them. ( source )


Pearl Jam’s new album is political-oriented towards George W. Bush. No surprise here, really. “It’s understandable why someone would like their entertainment to provide an escape from modern day worries and the reality of war,” Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder told “We feel this record creates a healthy opportunity to process some of these emotions rather than deny them.” Click the source for the tracklisting. ( source )


Arctic Monkeys (this year’s Bloc Party) are preparing a new DVD to release. It’s called ‘Scummy Man’, and rather than music, it’s actually story-oriented. It tells the story of the girl from the ‘Sun Goes Down’ video, about a day in her life. It will be released on 4/10. ( source )

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  1. Oh, not musically. I’d have to agree that Bloc Party is superior in that category, I was just talking in terms of similarity between popularity and hype.

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