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MUSIC DOWNLOADS: The Divine Comedy

Oh, here we are again at The Divine Comedy. I posted some tracks from them as close as a few months ago, in which I mentioned a new album being released. Well, the time is nearing for the release of Victory For The Comic Muse on June 19th. Generally, songwriter Neil Hannon is one of those musical types that does not release a bad album in this point of his career. He has a full understand of what makes his music successful, as displayed in his last few releases. Albums such as Casanova and A Short Album About Love (appropriately released on Valentine’s Day in 1997) are simply brilliant, with few to no flaws as far as orchestral pop construction is concerned.

The title track of his new album ‘To Die A Virgin’ compliments his aggressive sexual wordplay, similar to that of Jarvis Cocker. The song is a complete joy and is one of his catchiest songs to date. It is a perfect opener to the album, detailing a young man’s deprivation of anything related to sex. His desperation is detailed in such, “Now every time that I see you, your uniform becomes see through”. ‘Lady Diva’ chronicles the age of pop stars and overexposed glamour. More brilliant wordplay: “She’s got thirty people in her entourage, just in case her ego needs a quick massage”. It is their first single and will be released a week before the album. Great song as well. He is also going to cover The Associates’ great song, ‘Party Fears Two’. I have heard it and it is a great cover of a great song, but I posted the original here for your benefit. This is going to be one of the best albums of 2006. Mark my words. I will review this album in full very shortly.

The Divine Comedy – To Die A Virgin



The Divine Comedy – Diva Lady



The Associates – Party Fears Two



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