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Oh, here we are again at The Divine Comedy. I posted some tracks from them as close as a few months ago, in which I mentioned a new album being released. Well, the time is nearing for the release of Victory For The Comic Muse on June 19th. Generally, songwriter Neil Hannon is one of those musical types that does not release a bad album in this point of his career. He has a full understand of what makes his music successful, as displayed in his last few releases. Albums such as Casanova and A Short Album About Love (appropriately released on Valentine’s Day in 1997) are simply brilliant, with few to no flaws as far as orchestral pop construction is concerned.

The title track of his new album ‘To Die A Virgin’ compliments his aggressive sexual wordplay, similar to that of Jarvis Cocker. The song is a complete joy and is one of his catchiest songs to date. It is a perfect opener to the album, detailing a young man’s deprivation of anything related to sex. His desperation is detailed in such, “Now every time that I see you, your uniform becomes see through”. ‘Lady Diva’ chronicles the age of pop stars and overexposed glamour. More brilliant wordplay: “She’s got thirty people in her entourage, just in case her ego needs a quick massage”. It is their first single and will be released a week before the album. Great song as well. He is also going to cover The Associates’ great song, ‘Party Fears Two’. I have heard it and it is a great cover of a great song, but I posted the original here for your benefit. This is going to be one of the best albums of 2006. Mark my words. I will review this album in full very shortly.

The Divine Comedy – To Die A Virgin



The Divine Comedy – Diva Lady



The Associates – Party Fears Two



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  1. Wow – that is an EXCLUSIVE! Awesome. Thank you so much.. I have been lurkin’ and lovin’ your blog. Re the songs – does his voice sound a bit buried (or low) in the mix or is it just me?

    Have you heard his work with Laura Michelle Kelly yet? I haven’t.

  2. Love it mate, i know u ve been getting alot of stick form the official TDC website and can understand, but I for one am very pleased u posted it! I ll be buying the album when it comes out, and all the singles and 7″ as i always so, but im really impatient. The songs are wonderful. The album is sure to be a cracker.

  3. You’ve only being getting stick from 1 person really and he’s a bitch. Don’t worry about it fellas. The whole lot is probably available on torrent already anyway. Thanks for promoting a great band (even if it is by dodgy means!).

  4. I’ll be getting the official releases too – every one of them. I’m just excited, can’t wait for the release and pleased to hear the songs in the run up to then. Many thanks for posting and keep up the good work.

  5. This is great! Thanks for this. I’m really looking forward to the new album… hoping a tour will lead him through my area.

  6. dont suppose u could let us have some more….. or am i just greedy! or maybe point me in the right direction possibly. cant find any more anywhere!

  7. that’s v v exciting!! a divine comedy cover of party fears two sounds like the sort of thing i’ve been waiting all my life to hear.

  8. Fab, thank you. We are going to see them in Sheffield on the 21st
    of May and cannot wait!!!!!!

  9. Brilliant !!!!!

    Like someone has said on these comments, I’ll buy all the songs but I am impatient also – thanks. To Die A Virgin is brilliant

  10. “To die a virgin” is the “classic” Divine comedy ive come to love, “diva lady” sounds like it might take some time to grow on me tho. Mind you, Something for the weekend took ages for me to like and i absoloutly adore it now!

    The signs are good that neil and co are back on form!

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