SHORT BITS – 6/14/06

I, for one, am particularly excited about Bob Dylan’s new album, Modern Times. It is the follow up to 2001’s Love and Theft, which was great. While this is his 44th album, a year with a new Dylan album is usually considered a good year of music since he has been using his great songwriting formula effectively for so many years. It is due August 29th on Columbia Records ( source ).


The New Cars tour has been sidelined for a bit, as guitarist Elliott Easton suffered injuries after his wrist broke when the tour bus swerved to avoid a car and he was thrown from a bunk. He had been playing the last several shows in much pain, and they have finally decided to postpone the tour until further notice ( source ).


The Strokes, Pearl Jam, and Josh Homme have all collaborated and covered a version of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Mercy Mercy Me’. Casablancas and Vedder took over the vocal duties. I’ll post an MP3 in a bit ( source ). Outkast’s new single will be titled ‘Mighty-O’ and will be released on August 7th, with the new album being released August 21st ( source ). Oh, and Thom Yorke will be on Henry Rollins’ new talk show on July 1th. I guess Letterman and Leno were not indie enough for Mr. Yorke ( source ).


Good old Pete Doherty is back in rehab for the millionth time. They will most likely have odds in Las Vegas for betting purposes on whether Doherty will finally kick or not. I wouldn’t bet on it. Even Spin Magazine cared enough, as the editor-in-chief sent Doherty a personal letter pleading for him to get help, calling him “one of the most talented musicians of this generation”. I guess it shows how credible Spin is, as when Spin gives an album under a B, one can expect the apocalypse to arrive shortly thereafter ( source ).


David Bowie will star in an episode of Extras with Ricky Gervais, as he is apparently a big fan of the show ( source ). Also, legendary California punk group The Germs have reunited, but the funny thing is how ER’s Shane West will try and replace Darby Crash because he is playing him in a movie. I guess the band was getting a bit desperate for some cash ( source ).


New material info: Wooden Wand and the Sky High Band, Rob Zombie, Junior Boys, Jim Noir, Rakim, Killer Mike, New York Dolls, Razorlight, The Cure, Micah P. Hinson, Bloc Party


New tour info: Les Claypool, Slayer, The Rapture, Radio Birdman, Calexico, Gnarls Barkley, Belle & Sebastian, Man Man, The Futureheads, Murder City Devils, Imaad Wasif, Mountain Goats, Cursive, Wolf Parade

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