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Obscure Sound: Best of June 2008

It’s hard to believe that half of the year is already over. I still consider it too early to accurately determine my favorite releases of ’08, but it is still late enough to reflect on what the first 6 months have treated us to. I personally have found the year to be favorable in regard to the strength of music releases, though there has yet to be an album that has definitively become my annual favorite. Personally, that form of decision-making usually does not occur for me until November at the earliest though, as there is always a handful of initially dismissed albums that grow on me and end up ranking high on my list. So, we’ll see what the rest of the year brings. June’s compilation brings us more great artists, several of which should generate some grandiose buzz. Dr. Dog have delivered yet another fantastic album for the second year in a row, while Paul Weller has released arguably the finest solo album of his illustrious career. From old faces to new ones, it’s been enjoyable.

Also, since summer marks the conventional arrival of such events, I’ll be away on vacation for a week. Perhaps I will update occasionally if I get the chance, but I can’t promise anything. Expect some more great artists when updates resume on 7/14. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the compilation.

01. Dr. Dog – The Ark (post)
02. Plej – Freaks (post)
03. Paul Weller – Push It Along (post)
04. Thomas Function – Can’t Say No (post)
05. The Black and White Years – Evil Ape (post)
06. Camphor – The Sweetest Tooth (post)
07. Jong Pang – Small Cut Sensations (post)
08. Setting Sun – How Long (post)
09. The Fling – Lonely Fool (post)
10. Eksi Ekso – Killing Texas (post)
11. Moscow Olympics – Cut the World (post)
12. Elliott Brood – Write It All Down For You (post)
13. Ex Reverie – The Crowning (post)
14. Queen Victoria – The Endless Night (post)
15. Arborea – Black Mountain Road (post)


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