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Jazz and Electronica: An Unlikely Partnership

Jaga Jazzist are expanding boundaries with their stylistic fusion of jazz and electronica. Their new album, One-Armed Bandit, is one of the most thrilling releases so far this year as a result.

Shearwater – The Golden Archipelago (2010)

Jonathan Meiburg and company return on their sixth album for more of what we love from Shearwater.


Citay’s Dream Get Together

It seems ironic how the age of “hippies” coincided with some of the most groundbreaking usages of production in music. In an era associated with peace, love, and psychedelics, the aspects of intricacy and innovation are often o...

Yeasayer – Odd Blood (2010)

Yeasayer's highly anticipated follow-up proves to be one of 2010's first great albums.


The Nightgowns Take Off

Before this Washington-based quartet changed their name to The Nightgowns, they went under The Elephants. It was an especially apt name for them at the time, especially since they were renowned more for circus tricks than music...