Obscure Sound: Best of October 2010

It is getting to that point where serious consideration for the year-end feature must be done. This year’s top 20 or so is relatively easy for me to make; there are so many quality albums that could fit. It is the actual ordering of them that becomes tricky though. November is essentially the last month where submissions for 2010 albums are made, as 2011 releases begin to surface most abundantly by next month. As far as the final stretch goes, it should be just as satisfying as the rest of the year, which has been arguably the best since this site formed in 2006. For this month’s compilation, long-awaited albums by Avey Tare, Magenta Skycode, and Sufjan Stevens lived up to expectations. Others like Warpaint, Grimes, and Ben Talmi continue to further their recognition with excellent showings, while brand new acts like John Nagle and Status Green are jump-starting their careers with great material. This past month was a diverse showing of artists at different points in careers. They all maintain outstanding standards of quality, and whether or not stylistic differences – like the chilly electronica of Grimes or the flourishing indie-pop of Magenta Skycode – floats your boat is part of the fun. Enjoy.

01. Warpaint – Bees (post)
02. Avey Tare – Oliver Twist (post)
03. Magenta Skycode – Night Falls on the Rifle (post)
04. Grimes – Crystal Ball (post)
05. Sufjan Stevens – Too Much (post)
06. Ben Talmi – Scales of a Fish in the Sky (post)
07. John Nagle – China Town (post)
08. Status Green – Denver After Dawn (post)
09. The Divine Comedy – Your Daddy’s Car (live) (post)
10. Jeremy Fisher – Come Fly Away (post)
11. Adam Haworth Stephens – The Cities That You’ve Burned (post)


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