New: The Black Keys – “Run Right Back”

MP3: The Black Keys – Run Right Back (radio rip)

MP3: The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

The Black Keys debuted a new song yesterday off their upcoming album, El Camino. The Akron-based duo have already tantalized fans with the very lively “Lonely Boy” making the rounds, and now they bring a more relaxed approach with its b-side, “Run Right Back”. You can check out a stream above from Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1, though be warned that it’s a radio rip so the audio quality may be lacking. Grab the MP3 here if you don’t care about that sort of thing.

A Record Store Day exclusive of the single “Lonely Boy” will be released on 11/25 with “Run Right Back” as the b-side. The b-side label is a bit misguiding though, as “Run Right Back” will also be included on El Camino, available on 12/6. Both these tracks are excellent, a probable indication that El Camino will continue The Black Keys’ stretch of critical acclaim.

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