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Obscure Sound: Best of March 2012

Here’s another massive compilation, featuring 21 tracks that made March one of the best months for new artists I’ve seen this year. There’s a bunch of great stuff here from a wide array of bands, featuring unsigned groups with a very bright future (The Twees, Que? Zoo and Dr Skull, Rural Ghosts), those just about to break out (Dent May, Fly Golden Eagle, Deep Sea Diver), and already-successful favorites (Beach House, Lotus Plaza, James Iha, Damon Albarn). There’s a little bit of everything here, and I hope you enjoy it. Springtime finds everything in full bloom, along with the variety of new talents we’ve been treated to. The compilation starts with two funk-disco homages, and then retreats to the ethereal realm of dream-pop. From that point you can find just about everything in between. Enjoy.

01. Dent May – Best Friend (post)
02. Fly Golden Eagle – Take You There (post)
03. Lotus Plaza – Strangers (post)
04. Beach House – Myth (post)
05. Sindie 4 – Antisleep (post)
06. mr. Gnome – The Way (post)
07. James Iha – Summer Days (post)
08. Moonface – Headed For The Door (post)
09. Lower Dens – Propagation (post)
10. Deep Sea Diver – Ships (post)
11. The Twees – Tempermental Health (post)
12. The Smiling Lies – Space Elevator (post)
13. Jessie Baylin – Hurry Hurry (post)
14. Damon Albarn – The Marvelous Dream (post)
15. I Used To Be A Sparrow – Life Is Good (post)
16. New Build – Do You Not Feel Loved? (post)
17. Rural Ghosts – Rural Ghosts (post)
18. Titus Andronicus – Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape… (post)
19. Que? Zoo and Dr. Skull – Poem (post)
20. Woods – Wind Was the Wine (post)
21. Dunes – Jukebox Adieu (post)


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