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The Criticals – “Talk Now”

April 30, 2020
Nashville rockers The Criticals impressed with numerous tracks in 2019, headlined by an hooky sound reminiscent of The Strokes. 2020 is getting off to a similar start for the band. The punchy “Talk Now” is among the band’s catchiest tracks yet. Vocals and percussion drive the intro, with ...

The Criticals – “Got No Love”

November 14, 2019
The Criticals’ latest track is “Got No Love,” a throwback folk success with psych-friendly qualities. Per the band, they “recorded the song live after writing it one hour previous in high summer in a non-air conditioned shed in rural TN.” “Got No Love” represents t...

The Criticals – “Just for the Weekend”

October 7, 2019
The Criticals churn out more catchy Strokes-esque rock on new track “Just for the Weekend,” following up last month’s “Good Lookin.” The “afraid than being more than friends,” hook plays well, especially in gearing up for the very melodic “talk it out,”...

The Criticals – “Good Lookin”

September 5, 2019
Nashville act The Criticals have had a great year, impressing thus far with the tracks “Homebody,” “Kate Moss,” and “Treat Ya Better.” Their most recent of the bunch, “Good Lookin” touts a confident sound, recalling classic rock charisma while also merging th...

The Criticals – “Treat Ya Better”

August 5, 2019
Following the success of track “Kate Moss,” Nashville act The Criticals have released another catchy gem in “Treat Ya Better.” The aesthetic pursued throughout echoes a fondness for The Rolling Stones, in the hypnotic guitar work and accompanying vocal backing. The Strokes-esque bri...

The Criticals – “Kate Moss”

June 28, 2019
Released today, “Kate Moss” is a very catchy rocker from The Criticals, the new Nashville-based act who generated ample buzz with previous track “Homebody.” The duo of Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart meld influences that include Rolling Stones, The Strokes, and The Libertines, result...

The Criticals – “Homebody”

May 31, 2019
In both its NYC references and rock sound, Nashville-based act The Criticals recall the early ’00s rock sound of acts like The Stokes on new track “Homebody.” The act has performed at festivals like FreezeFest and Spudbash in Nashville, with their debut EP upcoming. “Homebody”...